Biolab retreat Februar 2011

From Wednesday, 2nd February 2011, to Saturday, 5th February 2011, we have been on working retreat at Lake Bohinj. The whole Bioinformatics Laboratory of the Faculty of Computer and Information technology has temporary moved to a nice house just few meters from the lake, enjoing the nature and without any distractions. Plan: working on the next version of Orange, Orange 2.5 and documentation rewrite. Orange 2.5 will have a better and restructured Python scripting interface along with great and shinny documentation.

Overall summary of the retreat: first commit (revision 9743) by Marko on Wednesday, last commit (revision 10181) by Matija at 1:26:49 on Saturday. This gives 439 revisions made during the retreat.

Some photos to give you a taste how it was.

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