Coming soon: Orange’s new interface

Orange will soon get entirely new interface. The GUI will feature new canvas and icons and new presentation of data flow. Orange will be upgraded with on-line help for widgets and tutorials. The prototype is now in testing and should replace the current version of Orange in early 2013.

Orange canvas (Fall 2012)

  • gfsrgvfr


  • Ales

    We don’t have a definite timeline for when the new interface will replace the old one (recent 2.6 release uses the old one, hopefully 2.7 will see the new one).

    You can however check out the new interface before that. Development is taking place at

  • Wesley Deelman

    Been waiting since Nov, when is it coming…

  • Sudhi

    Awesome :)… Waiting for it…

  • Red_sliders

    nice, i like the current interface. what i see above looks even easier. more examples/better online help would be super.