Network Add-on Published in JSS

NetExplorer, a widget for network exploration, was in orange for over 5 years. Several network analysis widgets were added to Orange since, and we decided to move the entire network functionality to an Orange Network add-on.

We recently published a paper Interactive Network Exploration with Orange in the Journal of Statistical Software. We invite you to read the tutorial on network exploration. It is aimed for beginners in this topic, and includes detailed explanation with images.


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  1. [I created a user account in order to create a ticket but never received verification email]

    I got an error when trying to read in a gml file. The file was from the wikipedia article on gml:

    graph [
    comment “This is a sample graph”
    directed 1
    id 42
    label “Hello, I am a graph”
    node [
    id 1
    label “node 1”
    thisIsASampleAttribute 42
    node [
    id 2
    label “node 2”
    thisIsASampleAttribute 43
    node [
    id 3
    label “node 3”
    thisIsASampleAttribute 44
    edge [
    source 1
    target 2
    label “Edge from node 1 to node 2”
    edge [
    source 2
    target 3
    label “Edge from node 2 to node 3”
    edge [
    source 3
    target 1
    label “Edge from node 3 to node 1”

    The error was:

    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘number_of_nodes’


    ImportError Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “”, line 402, in browseNetFile


    File “”, line 152, in selectNetFile


    File “”, line 198, in openFile

    net =, auto_table=self.auto_table)

    File “”, line 139, in read

    return read_gml(path, encoding, auto_table=auto_table)

    File “”, line 369, in read_gml

    G = _wrap(rwgml.read_gml(path, encoding, relabel))

    File “”, line 2, in read_gml

    File “”, line 193, in _open_file

    result = func(*new_args, **kwargs)

    File “”, line 85, in read_gml


    File “”, line 132, in parse_gml


    ImportError: (‘Import Error: not able to import pyparsing:’, ‘’)


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