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By a popular demand, we have just published a tutorial on how to load the data table into Orange. Besides its own .tab format, Orange can load any tab or comma delimited data set. The details are though in writing header rows that tell Orange about the type and domain of each attribute. The tutorial is a step-by-step description on how to do this and how to transfer the data from popular spreadsheet programs like Excel.

One thought on “Loading your data

  1. I just downloaded Orange Data Miner and have having a few problems. I’ll ask for comments on two of them here:
    1. I am trying to load a couple .csv files using the FILE widget. The .csv’s are about 700,000 KB apiece. I can’t seem to load them. I can open the files with MS/Excel and truncate them to about 100,000 KB, and then can load them. My question is does Orange Data Miner have any file size limitation? Or could the problem be with limited resources on my PC? My PC has 4 GB RAM.
    2. I’ve created a workflow with the reduced-sized sample FILEs, but cannot find how to:
    – save the algorithm created for future use, and
    – provide a real data input FILE that I want to be scored by that algorithm.
    Any help or suggestions you could give me would be greatly appreciated…Bill!

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