Neural Network is Back!

We know you’ve missed it. We’ve been getting many requests to bring back Neural Network widget, but we also had many reservations about it.

Neural networks are powerful and great, but to do them right is not straight-forward. And to do them right in the context of a GUI-based visual programming tool like Orange is a twisted double helix of a roller coaster.

Do we make each layer a widget and then stack them? Do we use parallel processing or try to do something server-side? Theano or Keras? Tensorflow perhaps?

We were so determined to do things properly, that after the n-th iteration we still had no clue what to actually do.

Then one day a silly novice programmer (a.k.a. me) had enough and just threw scikit-learn’s Multi-layer Perceptron model into a widget and called it a day. There you go. A Neural Network widget just like it was in Orange2 – a wrapper for a scikit’s function that works out-of-the-box. Nothing fancy, nothing powerful, but it does its job. It models things and it predicts things.

Just like that:

Have fun with the new widget!





  • Sebastien Chevallier

    hello, is it possible to boost train steps with GPU/cuda in Orange ?

    • Ajda Pretnar

      Unfortunately not.

  • Mateusz

    Are there any plans for supporting deep learning architectures such as CNN or even RNN, LSTM, GRU etc?

    • Ajda Pretnar

      This is currently not on the development timeline. Mostly due to a lack of resources, human and financial.

  • APU007

    Not able to find Neural Network on Add-ons! Is there a way to add it on Orange 3.5.0?

    • Ajda Pretnar

      Neural Network is not in an add-on, but in core Orange. You need Orange >3.6.0 for the widget to appear.