Redesign of GUI icons

Orange GUI is being redesigned. Expect a welcome screen with selection of preloaded widget schemes, simpler access to computational components, and integration with intelligent interface (widget suggestions). For the project we have engaged a designer Peter Čuhalev. To give you a taste of what is going on, here are some icons for widget sets that are being redesigned. There are in B/W, the color will be decided on and added in later stages. Below are just the icons – widget symbols with no frames. Current frames are rounded squares, while it looks like the widget frames for the new GUI will be circles. New icons are designed in a vector format.

New icon sets

New Orange icons

As new and new widgets with new features are added to Orange, icons for them have to be drawn. Most of the time those are just some quick sketches or even missing altogether. But now we are starting to redraw and unify them. A few of them have already been made.

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