Version 3.3.1 – Updates and Features

About a week ago we issued an updated stable release of Orange, version 3.3.1. We’ve introduced some new functionalities and improved a few old ones.

Here’s what’s new in this release:

1. New widgets: Distance Matrix for visualizing distance measures in a matrix, Distance Transformation for normalization and inversion of distance matrix, Save Distance Matrix and Distance File for saving and loading distances. Last week we also mentioned a really amazing Silhouette Plot, which helps you visually assess cluster quality.



2. Orange can now read datetime variables in its Time Variable format.



3. Rank outputs scores for each scoring method.



4. Report function had been added to Linear Regression, Univariate Regression, Stochastic Gradient Descent and Distance Transformation widgets.



5. FCBF algorithm has been added to Rank for feature scoring and ReliefF now supports missing target values.

6. Graphs in Classification Tree Viewer can be saved in .dot format.


You can view the entire changelog here. 🙂 Enjoy the improvements!

Report is back! (and better than ever)


I’m sure you’d agree that reporting your findings when analyzing the data is crucial. Say you have a couple of interesting predictions that you’ve tested with several methods many times and you’d like to share that with the world. Here’s how.

Save Graph just got company – a Report button! Report works in most widgets, apart from the very obvious ones that simply transmit or display the data (Python Scripting, Edit Domain, Image Viewer, Predictions…).


Why is Report so great?


  1. Display data and graphs used in your workflow. Whatever you do with your data will be put in the report upon a click of a button.



2. Write comments below each section in your workflow. Put down whatever matters for your research – pitfalls and advantages of a model, why this methodology works, amazing discoveries, etc.



3. Access your workflows. Every step of the analysis recorded in the Report is saved as a workflow and can be accessed by clicking on the Orange icon. Have you spent hours analyzing your data only to find out you made a wrong turn somewhere along the way? No problem. Report saves workflows for each step of the analysis. Perhaps you would like to go back and start again from Bo Plot? Click on the Orange icon next to Box Plot and you will be taken to the workflow you had when you placed that widget in the report. Completely stress-free!



4. Save your reports. The amazing new report that you just made can be saved as .html, .pdf or .report file. Html and PDF are pretty standard, but report format is probably the best thing since sliced bread. Why? Not only it saves your report file for later use, you can also send it to your colleagues and they will be able to access both your report and workflows used in the analysis.

5. Open report. To open a saved report file go to File → Open Report. To view the report you’re working on, go to Options → Show report view or click Shift+R.